Youtube Ads Specification

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Technical Specifications

Video In-Steam (

Attributes (Site Served)

Video Requirement: Must be uploaded to YouTube (send Video URL)
Must allow embedding
Must be public or unlisted
True streaming is not allowed
Minimum Video Length: 12 seconds (for skippable ads)
Maximum Video Length: Up to 60 seconds (skippable ads)
15 seconds or 30 seconds (non-skippable ads)
20 seconds or 30 seconds (non-skippable ads, EMEA only)


Technical Specifications


Dimensions: 300×60
Formats: GIF, JPG, SWF (with backup GIF/JPG), Rich Media
Flash Versions: Up to Flash Player 11.5 (SWF 18, AS3 or lower)
Frames Per Second: Up to 24 fps
Maximum File Size 150 Kb


Maximum Animation Time: 30 seconds (host-initiated/auto-play allowed)
Audio: No sound
Border: Backup images with partially black or white backgrounds must have a visible border of a contrasting color and should not have a close button.
Mouseover Policy Effects must be user-initiated (rollover or click). For a complete explanation, please see our Mouseover Policy here.
SSL Third-party and VAST-served companions must be SSL-compliant.
Companion ads that don’t meet this requirement will not serve.

Trueview Ads (

Technical requirements

TrueView format Where ads appear Video options Image options Ad text limits Click destination
In-stream YouTube videos

Display Network videos, games, and apps

YouTube video (less than 3 minutes recommended) 300×60 companion (YouTube only) N/A Your website
In-display YouTube videos (Suggestions; in-video overlays); YouTube search results; video plays on YouTube watch or channel page

Display Network content

YouTube video (any length) Choose from 4 thumbnails 25 characters maximum for headline; 35 characters maximum for each description

Description not shown in Suggestions

Clicks on your video thumbnail go to your video

Clicks on CTA overlays go to your website.

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